April 3rd

Well it is another Monday. But I am not going to worry about that. I do not work any more and I do not go to school. But I wish I could do both.In about a month it will be my birthday.


April Birthstone Fairy (April Diamond)

My Birthstone Fairy ( May Emerald) is posted below


These  are by Rachel Anderson





April 1st

I colored some Easter crosses this morning and played bingo this afternoon. I did not win anything. But it is just fun to play. I am not sure what I will be doing tomorrow besides going to Sunday School ( church) in the morning. The youth will visit and play board games with us,and Mr. Robinson and friends will play the guitar and sing for us. There will also be something called Senior Care. I am bot sure if I am a  senior or not, I am not even 55 yet.



Tomorrow is ” April Fool’s Day” for those who believe in all that superstitious garbage. Like being afraid of black cats. I had two black cats in the past and they both were very loving. “Charlie” my male black cat  is still one of my favorites.


This cat was Samantha my female black cat I had when I was in college. I got her from a family that were giving cats away at their farm. They had all kinds of cats of different colors right there in front of me, But I saw this poor little cat sitting all by herself and I told my Grandma ” I want that one” and I pointed to Samantha. Then we put her in the car and took her home. Then we had to get her fixed so she would not have  kitties.